Fade Away Bunny collection is an NFT collection and breeding game on the ethereum main net made by the Manga Token team in collaboration with Shiroi Kawana

What is Fade Away Bunny?

Fade Away Bunny is a manga series made by Shiori Kawana. It was first published in the LINE Manga app in Japan and has been Rank#1 for a long time in dark side/underground genre in LINE Manga Indies category. It subsequently made its way to the rest of the world through Kindle, comiXology, Manga Planet and INKR.

The Fade Away Bunny Collection

A collection of 300 generated GENESIS BUNNIES in the form of ERC 721 tokens on the Ethereum main net. Collectors will need to participate in the pre-sale or the sale in order to get them.

The story

Suutan, a bunny suffering from poor Mental health issues, depression, sleep deprivation, cutting, shopping addiction... Suu-tan’s got it all. She’s an introvert with a delicate personality. After moving away from her toxic parents, she’s now living alone. Even though she wants to just disappear from the world, she’s still somehow holding on to life. She's a frail spirit, so try not to get her too worked up.... When she’s overwhelmed by her disorders, she stabs herself in the head with a kitchen knife. A darker-themed four panel manga.

Illnesses: Anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, depersonalization disorder

Favorite medicine: Bromazepam

Shiori Kawana

Who is Shiori Kawana? She, of course, is a Mangaka and illustrator. She is known for her work such as “Fade-Away Bunny” and “Egwin & Friends”. “Some trivia for you, Fade-Away Bunny” was ranked #1 on LINE Indies manga! And now, Shiori Kawana’s work can also be seen as LINE stickers and as NFT’s. Her manga “Egwin & Friends” has many fun and loveable characters. Starring Egwin a purple penguin who loves ramen and has a lazy personality. This story follows Egwin and his friends just as the title states! Egwin is a forty year old penguin who loves to laze around home and relax. However Egwin is presented with a problem when life gets in the way! He can’t be lazy forever! Shiori Kawana’s art is perfect for young and veteran readers. Giving a lesson in each panel. In “Fade-Away Bunny” the reader follows Suutan, a young bunny who is challenged by her mental health. She faces depression, insomnia, anxiety and much more throughout the story. This manga is darker themed but touches on important topics. The art is similar to “Egwin & Friends” giving the characters a unique kawaii style. If you want to learn more about Shiori Kawana you can check her out on her LINE blog to see some of her recent works! She is on Twitter so you can keep up with ALL of her upcoming news.

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