Staking V1 to V2

Please unstake your bunnies from the V1 staking contract and stake them on the V2 contract

[deprecated] V1 staking contract

Our very first staking contract is a secure contract dedicated to allow bunny holders to stake and mint the $PILL token in which no cap is applied. Taking into consideration the rebalancing the economy in order to increase the value of $PILL for our bunny holders, we have decided to deprecate this contract.

Designed with security in mind

Being secure means we DO NOT have any rights to access any of the bunnies in the contract. Hence we are unable to migrate the bunnies to the V2 contract on behalf of our bunny holders.

V2 contract

Designed for long term balance in consideration of the $PILL value, we have decided to cap the total supply of $PILL to 10,000,000 which means the staking contract will monitor the total number of $PILL produced and stop the allowing users to mint more $PILL when the maximum amount of $PILL has been reached.

More functions in V2

V2 not only covers the staking feature but the entire economic functionals for $PILL such as:


To mate 2 genesis bunnies to produce offspring bunnies.


To roll the gacha to get accessories to modify the looks of your bunny.

Accessory binding

To permanently bind your accessories to your bunny to change its looks as well as increase the inventory of the bunny (potentially increasing its value).

NYANKEE Breed Boosting

Shorten the period required to breed your genesis bunnies.

DRIP $PILL Boosting

Increase the rate of $PILL production from staking your bunnies.

Gene breed boosting

Applying the genes of the genesis bunnies that helps to shorten the period required to breed.

Gene $PILL boosting

Applying the effect of the gene of the offspring bunnies to increases the rate of $PILL production upon staking.

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