Upcoming events

Phase 1

Community Vault

The Manga Token Team is going to be putting aside part of the royalties for future project needs! We will continue our growth and have Fade Away Bunny stand apart from the rest!

Bunny Staking

Staking your bunnies to earn $PILLs!

Phase 2

Bunny Breeding

Use $PILL to participate in our Fade Away Bunny economy to breed new bunnies, unlock accessories and modify the looks of your bunnies.

Merchandise Store

The Fade Away Bunny merchandise store will be opening and will have T-Shirts, Hats, Posters, and so much more. Get ready to throw on that FAB hoodie on your way to work!

Phase 3

3D Collectables

3D Collectibles to be created for our die hard fans? Our community will vote to choose NFTs from our collection to transform into 3D collectibles! We will only have a limited amount of them!

Into the Metaverse

Fade Away Bunny will be getting land in the metaverse! We will host events for holders and so much more! We are excited to explore the meta with the entire community! Maybe some collabs will also be happening within the Metaverse!

Endless Utility

By Minting and Holding a Fade Away Bunny NFT grants you various benefits. Our team wants the very best for our community and to take care of our holders. Our plan is to collaborate with the best upcoming NFT launches, to find projects that may have exclusive whitelists for some Fade Away Bunny Holders! We will hold votes from time to time to see what projects you guys would like to see us collaborate with!

More Utility

Fade Away Bunny is not just offering one beautiful work of art but many!. We will be giving our Holders access to subsequent projects in the near future!

Phase 4

Live Events

Fade Away Bunny will be hosting live events in the near future for all owners. The location of these events will be figured out very soon! We look forward to meeting each and everyone of you!

O.G. Appreciation

Fade Away Bunny merchandises will be given to all our O.G. Members! After this takes place we will also be adding the merchandises to our merchandise store so every holder can get one!

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