Increase your $PILL production potential by increasing your bunny stash

Why breed new bunnies?

Increasing the number of bunnies directly increases the number of $PILL you can produce. Not only that, certain bunnies have traits that will lead to the production of more $PILL a day.

Multiply your bunnies by having them breed!

Step by Step Guide:

1. Choose your 2 parent bunnies

a. The first parent will need to be a bunny you own

b. The second parent can be your own bunny or you may rent one

2. You may choose to apply a NYANKEE to speed up the breeding time

3. Review the specifics of breeding from the selected parents Press Breed!

4. Press Breed!

5. Wait for the specified breeding time

6. Go to the Ongoing Breeding Sessions tab and Claim!


When breeding with 2 bunnies that you own, each bunny’s fertility will be reduced by 1

When breeding with 1 owned bunny and 1 rental bunny, your owned bunny’s fertility will be reduced by 2

Certain Bunnies with Breed Boost can reduce the time needed to breed, and by extension cost

Child Bunnies will have an increased chance of exhibiting traits from the parent bunnies through inheritance

While breeding, the parent bunnies CANNOT be unstaked

There is a chance that breeding may fail (dependent on the suicide rate of the parent bunnies), and there would be no offspring

After claiming, the parent bunnies will automatically return to producing PILL together with the newly born child bunny

The exact formula for breeding time is:

Suicidal Rate

Success of breed is dependent on the suicidal rate. The formula is as follow:

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