Breeding & $PILL

Breed new offspring bunnies

With the newly balanced V2 contract & economy, the cost of getting a room to breed bunnies is now 600 $PILL per day.

$PILL are essential to breed new offspring in the $PILL economy, as such this makes $PILL a value resource.

In order to breed, you require 2 genesis bunnies. You must at least own 1 bunny to breed. As for the other, it either be your own or rented from others. Do take note on how the fertility score is affected if you rent bunnies.

The chances of success of the breeding process is determined by the suicidal rate.

TIPS on breeding offsprings

1) You can use NYANKEE in your breeding process to shorten the time & reduce the amount of room rent

2) Use bunnies is low suicidal rates to increase the chances of success

3) Try to breed bunnies with high $PILL boost gene scores so that your offspring can generate more $PILL

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