$PILL Factory

By staking your bunny, you will be participating in the creation of the $PILL economy. The more $PILLs you produce the bigger the economy becomes.

In order to produce $PILL, bunny owners will need to stake their bunnies in the staking contract. This staking contract will be operational indefinitely .

There is NO LOCK-IN period for staking, but if course the longer you stake the more $PILL you'll get!

$PILL production limitations

Genesis Bunnies will produce 100 $PILL per day.

Offspring Bunnies will produce a varied number of $PILL per day depending on their genes.

Staking website

Stake your bunny at app.fadeawaybunny.com


[deprecated] V1 staking contract: 0x8bC55567A68aa14162F56F8f7A75C6bE04757FBA

V2 contract: 0x1fdf5a9153b2d3c5a087334f5b22c4c00269632d

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