How the Fade Away Bunny economy works?

The Fade Away Bunny $PILL economy's revolves around minting $PILL and breeding new bunnies.

$PILL utility

To participate in the $PILL economy, $PILL is utilised in all actions.

After spending a lot of time to simulate the $PILL economy, we have decide to make drastic changes to the economy design in order to balance the economy and bring more value of $PILL.

Hence in our V2 contract, there are few things you need to take note of:

$PILL farming cap

The total number of $PILL that can be minted is now fixed at 10,000,000. This means once the 10M mark is achieved no further $PILL will be generated even if you stake your bunnies.

Cost per day for breeding

In order to breed bunnies you now need to stake 2 bunnies a period of time and a cost of 600 $PILL per day.

NYANKEE breed boosting cost

Each time you breed, you have the option of spending an additional 10,000 $PILL to utilise NYANKEE (a breed booster) to shorten your breeding period.

DRIP $PILL boosting cost

Whenever you are staking your bunny to earn $PILL, you may want to increase the amount of $PILL you can generate per day via using the DRIP (a $PILL booster) which costs 400 $PILL each time.

Gacha for accessories cost

If you want change the way your bunny looks without changing its genes, you can try your luck at the Gacha at 800 $PILL per roll.

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